Machine Operator

Job Description
Overall Description
Operator’s main focus is to ensure that the product being produced meets customer requirements as listed on the Production Report by setting up the machine correctly.  Team work, multi-tasking, accuracy and a sense of urgency are required daily to ensure orders are produced and packed correctly.
Essential Functions:
                                Must review and understand the production paperwork for every order.
                                Must understand and follow all line clearance and startup procedures.
                                Ensures that all the paperwork filled out correctly
                                Records downtime and production for each shift
                                Any other paperwork that may be required
                                Set up machine to ensure requirements are met
                                Greasing/cleaning of the machine
                                Other duties as needed
                Teamwork--work with the packer to ensure product is running correctly throughout the production run
                                Communicates with packer appropriately when things aren’t right
                                Check package count throughout the shift to ensure correct count
                                Check wiper sizes through out the shift to ensure it meets requirements
                                Work areas must be cleaned and organized for the next shift
Responsible for the quality of all material run
Quality checks through out the shift to ensure wipes are meeting requirements
Keep machine/work area clean and organized at all times to prevent accidents
                                When machine goes down or waiting for some reason, always clean and organize the work areas
                                Follow all safety policies and procedures
Skills required:
Reading and Writing
Read a tape measure         
                Minimum High School completion
                English (ability to read and fill out reports)
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