Support Go/Jo Operator

Job Description
Support Go/Jo Operator
Responsible for moving silver to open-end spinning.

Must be able to stand for 8 hour shift (break every 2 hrs)
Ability to walk through plant to other physical locations
Step on and off stand up Tugger/Go-Jo (3in. step 36+ times per day)
Ability to push and pull stock cans (all done with one initial push-short duration)
  1. Pulling full cans off rollerbed (10lbs. pull force)
  2. Pushing full cans onto go-jo trailer (12lbs push force)
  3. Pulling full cans off go-jo trailer onto staging area (10lbs pull force)
  4. Pushing empty cans up to go-jo trailer (8lbs push force)
  5. Pulling empty cans off go-jo trailer (8lbs pull force)
  6. Pushing empty cans up to drawing rollerbed (8lbs force)
Ability to read all types of documentation and be able to inspect work area and equipment.
Ability to bend, stoop and inspect equipment such as during a safety or quality inspection.
Ability to hear production equipment
Ability to reason, interpret and decide on complicated matters
Ability to pass pulmonary function test, wear hearing protection, eye protection and other ppe
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